St. Aloysius Degree College and Centre for Post Graduate Studies was established in 2008, is one among 128 institutions managed by the Archdiocesan Board of Education, Bangalore. The institution was established in response to the need for providing affordable and accessible education for all, especially minorities and socio-economically disadvantaged students seeking to pursue higher education. Inclusive and secular in its approach, the college is committed to providing quality education for all. The institute is accredited by NAAC and is affiliated to Bangalore North University and is included under section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956.

The institution has completed 12 years of providing quality education and service in 2020. Its motto, “Let Your Light Shine Forth” emphasizes the commitment to prepare citizens for others. It began with the B.Com, B.B.A., and B.C.A. courses. The college has expanded to introduce B.A. with Psychology and Political Science and B.S.W. courses and a Centre for Postgraduate Studies withM.Com and M.S.W. The college focuses on the all-round personal and professional development of the students. Semester programmes are also offered in Tally and Microsoft Excel and certificate courses in Public Speaking, Human Rights, Personality Development and Environmental Sustainability Artificial Intelligence and British Council English for Employability. The college has made tremendous strides in sports and co-curricular activities, NCC, NSS, CSA and RED CROSS. Showcasing patriotism and social commitment is the strength of this institution. It is one of the few colleges which has introduced self-financed mid-day meals for deserving students who cannot afford food.

The institution has also acquired a name for its extension activities. Its network with established non-profit and Civil Society Organizations has seen students engage with a number of social causes ranging from women empowerment, aid for natural disasters, environment, human rights violations and social awareness programmes. The college has invited human rights activists, academicians and social movement leaders, thus providing a platform for debate and discussion. The college collaborates with Indian Social Institute (ISI) Bangalore, Hope Foundation, CAP India, Vimochana, Montfort College for counseling and Holistic Approach and Microsoft Company for Artificial Intelligence. True to its vision and mission, the college has maintained its distinct identity. Most of the students come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Yet, the institution has achieved 100% results in most subjects across the courses. The management, administration and faculty are committed to nurture the hidden potential of the students and empower them to scaling greater heights of success.

➟ Vision
"To provide the students with a transformative educational experience, making them responsible and committed citizens of the nation"

➟ Mission
The mission of St. Aloysius Degree College is:

  • To provide relevant knowledge through an effective teaching-learning process for professional competence

  • To provide accessible and affordable education for all with a policy of preferential option for the poor

  • so as to improve the quality of life for all students and their communities.

  • To nurture in the students human, moral, social and spiritual values to live in integrity and harmony.

  • To enable the students to meet global challenges with faith and develop self- confidence

  • To expose the students to latest Information Communication Technology (ICT) and research

➟ College Emblem
The burning torch is a symbol of Divine Spark, the light of knowledge. At the centre of the emblem is a Cross, a symbol of struggle and pain but also of triumph and victory. On the two sides of the Cross is a lotus and star. Lotus symbolizes enlightenment and purity. The Star symbolizes Divine guidance, self fulfillment and advancement in life. The Book is the symbol of the knowledge and wisdom.

➟ College Motto
LUCEAT LUX VESTRA in Latin means' Let Your Light Shine Forth'