Bachelor of Arts (BA)

➟ Political Science:
        To develop an understanding of the prominent political theories. And about the current political scenario of the world.
        To develop a realistic perspective on the local, national, regional and international issues.
        To prepare and motivate the students for choosing careers in Union, Central and State Services and politics of the country            (as politicians).
        To prepare the students for careers in teaching and directed research.
        To train them to be good citizen of the nation.

➟ Journalism:
        Course offers an eclectic mix of photography, television production, script writing, documentary filmmaking, advertising and          more.
        We study the ways that communication techniques and technologies shape who we are, how we govern ourselves, and what          kind of culture we inhabit.
        We embrace both media theory and media practice.
        Course helps students to become TV reporters, newspaper reporter, and publish current happenings at local and global                  level.

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