Commerce & Management

Changes in trade and business are ongoing. There is a gap between what is taught and the processes at work in the market. The objective of the Commerce and Management Association is to bridge the gap between the world of the academics and the markets. The Association invites people from trade and business to interact with students, conducts workshops, exhibitions, public lectures and a series of co-curricular activities. The two Departments are tied up with TALLY for 100% Placements. TALLY trains students for placement for 40 hours a year and provides employment for all students who clear their subjects.
To realize the objective the association conducted the following activities

➟ Exuberance

Exuberance is the Commerce and Management Fest held during 2016-17. The following events were held

1. 50 ka Funda – This a innovative event in which students have to invest a sum of Rs. 50 exhibiting their marketing skills and earn maximum profit out of the sales made.
2. Business Quiz- This event was on current affairs relating to business.
3. Business Collage- The topic for the event was MAKE IN INDIA where students exhibited their creativity and presented their collages.
4. Mock Stock – The event was conducted to enhance the knowledge of students relating to stock markets and companies listed in stock exchange.
5. Ad Mania – The event was the combination of Product Presentation and marketing of product with advertisement.
6. Best Financial Analyst- In this event the students have to analyze the balance sheet of a particular company and give their conclusion about the financial status of the company

➟ Following are the winners of the various events:

Events 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
1. 50 ka funda Rohitson & Charan (1st Bcom) Parmodh & Santhosh A (2nd Bcom) Monisha M
& Nejumma A
(2nd Bcom)
Monisha V & Manjula (2nd Bcom)
2. Biz Quiz Kevin & Abhay kumar (3rd Bcom) Sadashiva & Pradeep (3rd Bcom) Sandesh & Joshuva (3rd Bcom)
3. Biz Collage Pradeep, Sadashiva, Jordan (3rd Bcom)
2. Anand, Ajay, Praveen (3rd Bcom)
Deepika, Catherine, Hemanth (3rd Bcom) Abhay, Monish, Ravi (3rd Bcom)
4. Mock stock Shiviraj, Naveen, Santhosh (2nd Bcom) Kokila, Sahanshree, Rozario (3rd BBA) Gavin, Lucakas, Ranna (3rd Bcom)
5. Ad mania Keshavan, Lucakas, Kevin, John, Ravi, Ranna, Gavin. (3rd Bcom) - -
6. Best financial analyst Monica and Ashwini (Ist B.Com) - -

➟ IFRS Workshop
A workshop IFRS was conducted by Central College Bangalore University on 15th and 16th July 2016 and 18th and 19th August 2016. In the current era International Financial Reporting Standards are the most dynamic aspect of accounting which has given a new face to the accounting and reporting systems. This has gained prominence around the globe in recent years. India has complied with IFRS and the seminar felt the need to introduce it in academics. Mr. Miland Date was the key note speaker who gave us an in-depth understanding of each and every aspect of International Financial Reporting Standards, in order to enable us to impart the subject in a better way to the students. It was a very knowledgeable session which gave a crystal clear clarity on the subject.