The courses offered at the College are in accordance with the Bangalore University syllabus. All students have to take two languages

➟ Part 1:
English – Compulsory for all students

➟ Part II:
As a second language, students are free to choose one of the following
1. Kannada
2. Hindi
3. Additional English
4. Other languages may be permitted if students have a tutor of their own

➟ Part III:
We offer the following combinations:
1. Bachelor of Commerce
2. Bachelor of Business Management
3. Bachelor of Computer Application
4. Bachelor of Social Work
5. Bachelor of Arts ( English, Journalism and Political Science)

Students have to choose any one of the above.

➟ Functions of the Department
• To provide conducive environment/physical facilities where students will participate in various sports and games.
• Prepare a sport calendar/programme for the students and implement it
• Organize inter-class sports and games competitions, indoor and outdoor and college sports day
* Accompany college teams to sports and games
• The games tutor recruits players to form teams
• Trains and coaches the college teams
• Supervises the implementation of the sport programmes