Guest Speakers

Sri Kanhaiya Kumar , the former President of Jawaharlal Nehru University charged with sedition and jailed, addressed a packed gathering of students and the public on 19th January 2017 on India’s communal politics and how as citizens we need to respond to it by constitutional devices. In spite of heavy security around the campus, the students from in and outside the college came over and were convinced of the dangers for Indian democracy

Harsh Mander, former IAS officer who resigned after the Gujarat carnage of 2002 on moral grounds and who works with survivors of mass violence and hunger, as well as homeless persons and street children, a former member of Sonia Gandhi led National Advisory Council, Director of the Centre for Equity Studies and a Special Commissioner to the Supreme Court of India in the Right to Food case, associated with various social causes and movements, and writes and speaks regularly on issues of communal harmony, tribal, dalit and disabled persons' rights, the right to information, custodial justice, homelessness and bonded labour addressed the students of the college on “India’s threatened fraternity” .

➟ International
Dr. (Sr.) Marie Therese Chambers FMM from London addresses the students of Second Year on living one’s ideals. A medical doctor Dr. Marie Therese Chambers, a specialist in Mother and Child Health, Counselling and Community Development who has worked in Ghana and Pakistan addressed the students on small is beautiful, and how to begin with small and live one’s dreams and vision on 18th October 2016.

Elezebath Clare Doyle from London, a member of the International Secretariat Committee for a Workers’ International, a working class fighter, a veteran international socialist lectured at the college on “Alternatives to Neo-liberalism” on 26th September 2016 from 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Dr. Elmar Mitterstieler SJ from Austria spoke on Universal Spirituality on 15th July 2016.

Dr. Tom Odenski & Dr. Dave Fleming of the Dayton University made a presentation on the pedagogy of teaching for the Staff on 2nd March 2016.

Dr. (Fr.) Christian Melon SJ from France an expert in peace studies lectured on the crisis of refugees in Europe.

On Jan 23, 2105 Sri M. Kulasegaran, Member of the Malaysian Parliament & Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Malaysia spoke on Minorities in Asia.

Dr. Don McAvinchey, Popularly known as the “American Gandhi” addressed the students and Staff on July 25, 2014 on “Non-violence and the relevance of Gandhi for Today”.

➟ National
Padma Shree Teesta Setalvad, Editor of Sabrang, lectured to the “Citizens’ obligation to dissent” in the context of attacks on the Constitution of India.

On 12, August 2016 Ms Seema Mustafa, Editor-in-Chief of “The Citizen” New Delhi, gave a lecture on “Challenges to Indian Secularism”. She presented the various threats that threaten the plural heritage of the country and asked students to be alert and vigilant.

Kavita Krishnan, Feminist and Political Activist, Secretary of All India Progressive Women’s Association from Delhi spoke on Gender Issues to the Staff and Students of the College.

On Jan 11, 2015 Sri Kejiriwal spoke on “Delhi Elections and Alternative Politics".

Prof Yogendra Yadav gave a guest lecture on Alternative Politics: Prospects and Challenges on Nov 06, 2014 highlighting issues of decentralization of power, participation and corruption.

Fr. Prem Kumar SJ who was abducted for eight months while working for the refugees in Afghanistan by the Talibans addressed to a packed audience on his story and the Talibans in Afghanistan.

Dr. Kancha llaiaha of the Maulana Azad Central University, Hyderabad addressed the students and staff on the Knowledge System of the Subalterns.