St Aloysius Degree College was established in 2008 primarily for the education of the members of the catholic community though the college admits students from all communities with a preferential option for the poor. When there were several colleges around what was the idea of starting another college? The Archdiocese of Bangalore had its own thinking. Those who established the college believed that the college will be able to contribute to nation-building. One more college and we will be able to do more for those who have less, they thought. The members of the Archdiocese were convinced that they would be able to change and shape the young in ways that they might not imagine. Statistics show that students who have been to colleges are better able to adapt to new situations of life, contribute to social change and get better jobs and make their lives as members of a dynamic human community.

Higher Education can challenge and inspire by opening the eyes of the young to the world. They would be able to explore subjects in depth, choose courses and decide to focus on extension activities. College helps students develop into mature, responsible and independent adults. To make this transition into maturity, St. Aloysius offers students many kinds of help such as mentoring with academic and counseling support. Whatever one’s destination, college can help get students there. College is much more than just studying the subjects. A campus is its own world, and students have the chance to experience a wide range of activities. In St. Aloysius students have a monthly newsletter, a students’ council to organize activities, cultural activities and involvement in extension work. As students take on college work and participate in college life, they encounter new ideas and challenges. Along the way they build knowledge, skills and brainpower, discover new passions, follow and satisfy their curiosity, learn more about self, bond with new friends and prepare for a future in which they are better equipped to give back to society. Whatever one’s destination, college can help students to get there — even if one does not know where “there” is yet. Whether one has mapped out a long-term plan or one sees new possibilities every day, college can help students to become their future self. It is this understanding of reality that was behind the establishment of St. Aloysius Degree College.