Language Association

India is a multilingual state and the college too. There are students from different languages studying here. The college offers Kannada, Hindi and Tamil as second languages. They are students from the North East and other parts of the country. Through the language association college celebrates diversity and differences as the basic character of the life of the city.

➟ Objectives:
1. To enhance the language skills of students by offering opportunities to practice in different areas of expression and ideas.

2. To develop the literary sensibility of communication skills.

3. Have a new structure of cultural and social themes to benefit the students towards awareness.

4. Enable the mind to analyze the values and stimulate interest in reading contexts.

5. More scope for sustained reading.

6. Encourage to participate and act differently and expose their ideas.

7. To have more presentations and seminars to reflect and discuss on current issues.

The department of English conducted Events and Competitions, Essay Writing, Pick and Speak and Spell Bee was conducted and students from various streams participated and won the prizes.

Apart from teaching and learning , to award internal assessment marks the department of English conducted ‘Skit and Mime’ and the total marks of 5 were judged and awarded. There were class room activities conducted like group discussion, debate, elocution.

The department of Kannada and Hindi have also conducted Events and other activities.

The department of Kannada conducted activities and the Events and Competitions as follows:

Folk song, Film song, Jumbled letters, dictation, Kannadadhalli Maatanaadi, Anthyaakshari, Mono Act, Hasya Hanigalu, Debate, Quiz, Essay writing and Cross Word.

The Hindi department conducted Sahityakaron Ka Parichay, Nibandh, Hindi Quiz, Charcha Spardhe, Janapad Geeth, Hindi Speech, Shabdon ka Jod, dictation, Hindi speech.

➟ Language Association Winners list click here