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Workshop on Migrants and Refugees
On 19th December 2016, the students of BA/BSW/BCA had a workshop on “Refugees and Migrants” by Dr. (Fr.) Joe Xavier SJ who is the Assistant Director for the Centre for Refugees in Rome. There is an increase in migration across the world. People are migrating due to internal strife, border conflicts, ethnic cleansing, lack of security, conflict etc. Conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere are driving hundreds of thousands of refugees to seek shelter in neighbouring countries, Europe and the United States. These crises are the most recent in a long line of conflicts forcing people from their homes.

In the United States alone more than 3 million refugees have arrived. They are not protected by laws and restrictions of the government make their lives miserable. Most make their way through the sea and through forests. The speaker who works with migrants and refugees shared the bitter experience of migrants and refugees who desire to live normal lives but are persecuted often in the country of their arrival. We were made to realise various kinds of migrants such as Domestic workers, intra state and interstate migrants, and international migrants.

In India, most of the migrants are from north east. They migrate to different states due to conflict, poverty, education and other reason. We find these people in large numbers in Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Kerala where they have sad stories to narrate and bitter experience to express. Girls are sexually abused and men are brutally beaten up. There is no dignity given to them. They are not given a just salary. In a nutshell, they are exploited in every way. The Speaker ended his presentation by asking us a question – who is my neighbour? – and urged us to leave our comfort zones, break our silence for a better cause. He invited us to express solidarity with the victims who are deprived of their basic rights.


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