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Open University
The ‘Open University’ workshop was conducted by Vimochana, an organization well known for its fight for rights of women. Started in the year 1979 with the idea of seeking a “just, humane and creative society rooted in transformative politics” (Organization website). Vimochana has been working at multiple level, listening to women who have been victim to violence or any such trauma, providing them a platform to speak up, to be heard and fight for their cause; also by providing these women shelter, legal aid as well as social and moral support.

Open University is largely a platform for students to get out of their classroom and curriculam and be part of the contemporary socio-political discourse. The idea was to provide an alternative space for critical thinking and dialogue. The sessions also aim at giving voice and ears to opinions which otherwise may remain unspoken and unshared; was participated by activists, victims of different kind of injustice and students across colleges and departments. The students from the department of Social Work were part of the Open University on more than one occasion and look forward to be associated with Vimochana in future.

The session attended was on the gender issues and patriarchy, growing intolerance in the society and the killings in the name of Cow Protection. As they say at Vimochana ‘personal is political’, this has given a very unique thought provoking exposure for the students, also another opportunity to interact with social activists and the students from other colleges.

Mr. Saurab Kamal


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