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Orphanage Visit
Our Experience in the Orphanage was one of a kind, 31\7\2017 Had been a great day for us. We spent two and a half hours with those angels.We reached at 4’o’clock. Until the day to the orphanage our world was our phone, chilling out with friends etc. The Orphanage was named ‘Faith Trust’.

The name given to the orphanage was seen among the children there. The kids had nothing we had but they were still happy. They showed us that ‘love’ was everything in this world. They were a family; no one could ever say that they were from different family. There unity was like ‘Nerves’ connected to our brain from different parts of our body. The smile on the children’s face was amazing.

Every child was talented in their own way which was very nice to see. We played games with them. We had interaction about their dream and life which made us very happy. Last but not the least we thank Father ‘Ambrose Pinto’ for giving us this opportunity and our class mentor Sir Michael for taking us to that wonderful place. From that day till now our memories are still fresh and sweet.
Kevin Paul 1 BBA


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