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One Day International Conference In English Literature
Ms. Laly Mathew, Dept. of English, participated in the International Conference on “Contemporary Musings on Literatures of the World” organized by the Department o English, Indian Academy Degree College, Bangalore, on 21st September 2017. Various Sessions were conducted to discuss about Translations and world Literature, Reading Literature in the Era of Globalization, it challenges

The thought provoking and impressive lectures were delivered by Writers and Critics like Zac O’Yeah, Anjum Hasan, Gita Aravamudan, C.K Meena , Dr. Cherian Alexander; and it helped us to realize that ‘everything connects to everything else’; it was indeed an eye-opener for us to explore the possibility of Creative Writing; and also about Literary term ‘Synesthesia ‘ where writers, artist and psychologist merge. The writers also discussed the pertinent point of Creative writing and Translating; and there is more scope for Detective Novels in India, as volumes of Detective Novels are much less compared to other countries. There was discourse on need and advantages of Translation, which can bring other cultures and languages and to fathom the multi-linguistic, multicultural, plural nature of society consequently curb narrow nationalism that threaten the world‘s peace and harmony.

Reincarnation of age old philosophies and myths in the literary world, Gender issues, understanding literature through theatre, writing as a profession- digitalized writing e.g. Blogging; women writers on the Indian scenario, Movies, culture and literature, Globalization and its Impact on emerging writers are some of the topics discussed by the Technical sessions.

It was indeed an impressive and inspirational and effective conference that rejuvenated our enthusiasm and zeal to contribute to the world of literature and also the share literary and life experience with our counterparts and scholars.
Laly Mathew
Department Of English


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