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Memorial service (22/1/2018)
On 3rd January was the unbelievable news for us the Lecturers, students, people and for the Diocese of Bangalore to accept that our Principle Late Dr. Ambrose Pinto was no more. Though it was a joy for the whole world to welcome the New Year 2018 but it was a sorrowful event for us to give send off to our Principle from his Earthly life. In our collage we had Memorial Service on 22.1. 2018. His Grace Dr. Bernard Mores the Archbishop of Bangalore was present with us at the sorrowful moment. All our teaching and none –teaching staff, present and old – students were gather to pay our tribute to our beloved Principle.

It was heart breaking to hear the experiences of our lecturer and students old and present which they had with our beloved Principle. Archbishop spoke few words about our Principle and shared one of his experiences that; when Archbishop was having a talk with him he asked to fix CCTV camera our Principle refused by saying “I do not want my students to be confined with CCTV rather I wish my students to be free and to make use of their freedom in a responsible way.

His was a beautiful life and he loved everyone. He lived an inspiring life so we can say that “His life was a Message”. He had contributed a lot to the world thus his smile always reminds us that he is in our midst. His simple life style allowed everyone to approach him at any hour of the day. He never minced his words; but he was never loud – his quality to be soft-spoken made others to hear you and to follow his directions. He made sure that students should have a “Vision for their future Mission.”

Though he is no more he lives in our hearts. He will be ever remembered because of his goodness in the life of the students and the collage. He has indeed left powerful legacy that we need to carry forward. Beloved Principle our final tribute to you is “We love you.” Your life has not ended it has began in our lives.


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