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A ten day NSS camp was held in the village of Ghokunte in Kolar District from 2nd January to 12th January. Sri. Vignesh Coordinator and NSS Programme Officer along with Sri Surabh Kamal Social Work Coordinator has took in charge of the camp. Fr. Vinoo Fabian, the Manager campus. The members of the camp had a great experience working with the people, listening to the Panchayat members, cleaning drains, painting a government school and a bus stand. Students also conducted a survey of the village, cooked and had fun. They return to the college with deep love for the villagers being impressed by their simplicity and cordiality

As the students arrived at 7:00 am in the college, we left to bus stop and started our journey by 9:00 am and after a long journey to Mulabhagilu. We got into another bus to Gokhunte and reached by 2:30pm and fresh up and had our lunch. Then settled down, had a nice rest. Inauguration was supposed to be at 3:00pm but was cancelled and was postponed to the next day. Afterwards we went to collect the firewood, by 5:00 pm began to cook had our tea and at 7:40 had our dinner. At 8:30 began to discuss the day one and shared our experiences. During the discussion three committee were formed and each committee was allotted respective works and those works were rotated each day. Cooking committee, firewood collecting committee and vessels washing. And after the discussion we went to bed by 10:00pm.

6:00am the day began team A had cooking term they had to prepare breakfast at 7:00am we had our breakfast. 8:00am, we planned what has to be done on the 2nd day 9:30 we left for a visit of the village to become familiar of the places. By 11:00am we returned and prepared for lunch. And except the cooking committee the others went to collect firewood. At 1:00pm had our lunch. After had some rest at 3:00pm the camp was inaugurated. The chief guests were M/S Shashikala the president. Narayan swami panchayat development office (PDO). H.S Ramesh vice president. Anthony raj Kumar village member. And the village member was prasad. (H. Golla halli)

Immediately we cleared the campus around the church, at 4:30 we came back cleaned our self and had our tea. And went for a short walk, where we enjoyed the sunset which4 was a relaxation for us. Began to cook by 6:00pm. And the daily meeting was held.

First our team was given the responsibility of cleaning the outer premises of the school, such as removing partheniam, weeds and plastics which was our main moto of NSS camp, later we had a short break during the break school management provided a soft drink and after the short break we again went to the interior part of the village with the panchayat guide. Later in a group we were asked to clear the plastics and waste weeds in the gunny bags after the heavy team work we almost cleared all the plastics lying on the streets at the same time we had a good experience to co-ordinate with our team members proved that nothing is impossible if we work together as a team after the completion of our task we returned back to have our lunch.

We have started the day with breakfast and we cooked the food for others and we collected firewood and we went to fields to work with farmers and in between we had break. There after we had lunch and we got tired and came back and we had free time to have bath and some of us washed clothes and had tea break and then we spent our time with our friends.

We had also learned a lot from the farmers and we realised how the farmers are working for the food crops and providing and satisfying our hunger and need. But most of the times we won’t realise their hard work, but until and unless we had worked along with them. We came to know the hard work of the farmer and his thoughtfulness for all the people. If he says he cannot work what will happen to all the people. We starve for hunger and besides we also realised that this village people are very approachable and friendly when we speak with them and they were so much helpful and We also must need to work very hard for the sake of others or for the sake oneself to get good result for the work we do, whether it is study, work or whatever it may be.

We had enjoyed a lot and had a good experience of many things after coming here and doing ourselves and enjoying with our own cooking and eating.We collected firewood and kept ready for the cooking. We went to fields to cut paddy and we enjoyed and we came to know how the We went to fields to cut the paddy and we enjoyed and we came to know how the farmers are working hard and providing food grains for the people. We find it was very hard to work in the fields and cutting the paddy, but we found happiness in cutting those things and learned a lot from others.

1. “ It was a memorable and joyful experience with new friends, where we had learned to develop our personality through community service” Shalini Singh

2. “ We had learnt how to adjust with the limited resources available “ Amruth A

3. “ I have learnt how to work hard “ Debhika

4. “ I have learnt to work hard sincerely “ Rehana

5. “This was a camp, which united all of us in a team, where the camp can be called as‘CAMP OF UNITY ‘.” Sumomna

6. “ I have learnt the young minds of my friends by being open minded to know the young hearts “ Mueenjaffer

7. “ I loved the environment of the village and enjoyed the camp with friends “

8. “I learnt many things in the camp, this was my first experience and I love doing it.” Nirmal Kumar

9. “ I worked hard and had joyful experience “ Vinodh Akash


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