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Independence Day
15th August 2018 marks the 72nd year of free India. India holds a lot of glory in recalling its long brave struggle of breaking free from the chains of British rule. We do not just celebrate this day because we broke out from the yolk of “British Raj”, but celebrate the long struggle of 200 years of our people who watered this land with blood and sweat in order to sow the seeds of independence

Even after all these years of freedom, the same question echoes from the depths of darkness: “ARE WE REALLY FREE?” Yes, no doubt we as a nation got our independence. Yet are we, the people of this land, free? The term “FREEDOM” is very subjective and different people have different opinions on this topic. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure that freedom can never be a destination. Rather, it is the struggle for independence that will grant you true Independence. If you dare to speak, if you must question then freedom is yours. We started the program by welcoming our chief guest, Colonel S. Kumar along with his wife Mira Kumari. We began the programme with a prayer song followed by a skit on Bhagat Singh, a mime on corruption, a patriotic song and group dance. The basic idea behind all the performances was that “no country is great but the people make it great!”

At last, we ended on an inspiring note with a motivational speech by colonel S. Kumar, our chief guest for the day.


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