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NCC Cadets Attend National Level 'Thal Sainik Camp'
The NCC Cadets are very fortunate to have a supporting Principal and Lt. Balakrishna Sir, ANO who gave us, Lokesh B, Karthik V, and Kavilan V, the opportunity to attend the national-level ‘THAL SAINIK CAMP’. The camp basically aims at improving the physical strength, knowledge level and focus level of the cadets.

The camp involved intense physical activities and lessons. Every day, we would wake up at 4:00 a.m. and begin our physical training and exercises. We would have theory classes in the afternoons in the firing range and later we would have firing competitions to enhance and improve our focus, concentration and breath. We also had a written exam post-dinner on health and hygiene, judging distance, field signals etc.

Our Camp Commander was Major Raghavendra from the Signal Regiment.


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