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Mid - Day Meals Scheme
The Mid-Day Meal scheme was started with the aim of providing a nutritious meal to deserving students in the college. It was a dream of Fr. Ambrose Pinto, our former principal to start a mid-day meal scheme in the college. The scheme provides free meals for students from financially weak backgrounds, especially those who leave their homes early in the morning and are unable to have breakfast before class.

The scheme is supported by Vimochana, well-wishers of Ascension Church and other sponsors.

Arvind from III B.C.A. expressed, “The Mid-Day Meal Scheme has been helping me a lot lately. I travel 10 kilometres to college every day. I leave my home at around 6:10 in the morning. Since I leave home very early, I am not able to have my breakfast. But thanks to the mid-day meal, I can have something. Thank you Sister.”


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