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The Hindu Press Visit
On 31st August 2018, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students of BA journalism and Political Science visited The Hindu Printing Industry located at Jigani, accompanied by Mr. Vignesh Political Science lecturer and Mr. Chethan. We were excited to enter into such a huge printing Industry. As soon as we entered there was a strict security check. All of us went through the security check. We were introduced to the manager of this industry Mr Hanshu who guided us. He gave us a brief on the processes and infrastructure first and then about the imported papers rolls and then about how the machine works. We were guided till the ink room where we saw four colours (Red, Blue, Yellow and Black) used in the printing process. We were taken to the first floor after that for further explanation of this process. It was amazing to see how the papers were quickly printed, arranged, folded, cut and then how a machine picks the papers and carries it to the packing machine where the papers are counted and packed and the final process was binding it.


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