National Service Scheme (NSS) aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service. The primary objective to provide an opportunity to those students who feel motivated to serve and work for community. This helps in understanding the problems of real life and utilizing their skills and knowledge in solving those problems. This would enrich their experience and would have a tremendous value as a preparation for life.

NSS gives an opportunity to make a significant contribution in the field of literacy, disaster management, health and family welfare and environment. NSS is working for integrated development of adopted villages and slums through its regular and special camping programmes. This will develop youth to bring in a change for the betterment of weaker sections of the society

The NSS unit of our College, aims at the involvement of students on a voluntary basis in various activities of social service. Some the extension activities carried out by the NSS students through the year are as follows…

Traffic Awareness Programme
If you know you are driving to your death –would you still drive so fast? Teaching kids road safety is a very crucial part of raising the young ones as it directly concerns their physical safety and well-being as they grow and become independent. Rather than isolated lectures and demonstrations, road safety is something that needs to be done continuously and even subtly at times. St. Aloysius Degree College and NSS Unit with help of Cox Town Traffic Police Station Conducted the Marathon to bring awareness in public on Road Safety Measures for safe driving.

Campus Cleaning.
George Bernard Shaw said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” College and NSS unit have initiated campus cleaning in an around the campus and even outside the campus many times. Our NSS students has actively participating in creating social awareness among the citizen and helps them to crate a responsible citizen of India.

NSS Annual Camp
NSS Students actively participated in Annual Camp from 15 th March to 24 th March in Betada Halsor, in Kanakapur, Bangalore.

Campaign on Corona Virus
St. Aloysius Degree College and NSS Students conducted a social awareness programme on the outbreak of Corona Virus.

Blood Donation Camp
"There is no great joy than saving a soul". As yearly activities of NSS and Social Work Department, On 19th February 2020, St. Aloysius Degree College and NSS Unit, organized a blood donation camp in the College with the collaboration NGO Vimochana. The Doctors from the Vioctoria Hospital came to the college. The blood was donated to the Victoria Hospital run by the Government. We are proud to have donated 60 units of blood for the needy and the poor for saving lives. "If you're a blood donor, you're a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life."

Human Rights Awareness Programme
As Nelson Mandels said, "To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity." St. Aloysius Degree College conducted seminar on Human Rights awareness programme on 19 th January 2019. President of Youth Human Rights Programme of India has enlightened the students with issues. When the fundamental principles of human rights are not protected, the center of our institution no longer holds. It is they that promote development that is sustainable; peace that is secure; and lives of dignity."