➟ St. Aloysius Gonzaga SJ (1568 - 1591)

St. Aloysius Gonzaga SJ, the patron of the college is a great example of selfless love and commitment. The college offers him as a model and inspiration to every student studying here. In a world of selfishness and greed, it is through selflessness that the world can be changed. Every Aloysian is expected to become an instrument of change after the example of the patron of the college St Aloysius. Hailing from a wealthy and powerful family, at the young age of 17 he decided to give up all his wealth to become a Jesuit in spite of severe opposition from the family to serve God and humanity. At the age of 23 while he was nursing the plague stricken people in Rome, he was affected by the disease and passed away while serving others. His was a short life lived meaningfully in the service of the needy. Aloysius Gonzaga was the firstborn in a powerful Italian noble family and was thrust into adult responsibilities at the age of four when he began his training as a soldier and courtier. At the age of eight he served in the court of Grand Duke Francesco I de’Medici. His health was never good. He began to suffer from kidney disease, and in the process of recovery spent time in spiritual reading and prayer. He came to realize the meaning of life and he made up his mind to live his life in the service of God and those in pain and suffering. His father wanted him to make a name and fame by becoming a significant person in the court of the Medici. God had other plans for him. Much to the displeasure and anger of his father, Aloysius announced his intention to become a Jesuit and left his home. At the age of 18 he signed away his legal claim to his family lands and title. In 1585 Aloysius was accepted as a Jesuit novice. When the plague hit Rome in 1591 he actively cared for the victims. Aloysius developed the symptoms of the plague and died soon after on June 21, 1591. Aloysius Gonzaga was canonized in 1726 and named Patron of All Students in 1729.