Teaching-Learning-Evaluation, Extension and Research are the three aspects of higher education. In preparing students for life it is not easy to imagine what the world would be in 30 years. We are sure that it would be different from today due to science, technology and innovation. To help students to move into that world research is critical. It is the endeavour of the college to help students to help analyse important questions and go beyond what is taught in the classrooms so that they become life-long learners. The spirit of research keeps the staff and students open to the wide reality of the country and looks at the possibility of contributing constructively to it by engaging with issues. There are benefits of research when a new product is launched, policy framers are provided with data, techniques are developed for sustainable development and understanding is provided of cultural values. Sometimes the benefits may not be obvious. Albert Einstein once remarked: "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" And yet it is this search for engaging with issues and responding to them is the foundation for knowledge that makes possible so much of the innovation and application that provides wider benefit. Research adds to the stock of global knowledge and provides the source of new ideas, methods, techniques and innovation across a whole range of disciplinary and multi-disciplinary areas. It is this understanding in view we have encouraged research in the college.

➟ Publications of the Staff
Dr. Ambrose Pinto SJ (Publications from 2013 to present) Books

1. Beyond Politics: Essays in memory of Dr Sanjay Biswas (Edited), 2015
2. From Democratic Socialism to Neo-liberalism: The Story of India’s Democracy, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla 2014
3. Five Years of Saffron Rule in Karnataka, Manak Publications, New Delhi, 2013 (Edited Volume)
4. Dalits in Karnataka: In search of Identity and Equality, Manak Publications, 2013

➟ Contribution to Volumes
5. “The achievements of the Jesuit educational mission in India and the contemporary challenges it faces” in International Studies in Catholic Education, Volume 6, Issue 1, 2014, Routledge Publication, Taylor and Francis Group, London, pages
6. India's New Politics, America, The National Catholic Review, June 3, 2014, USA
7. Riconversion status delle caste in India, La Civilta Cattolica, 25 luglio 2015, pages 177 to 182, Roma, Italy

➟ National Journals
1. Loss of an Ideological Battle, Mainstream, Vol. LII, NO 25, JUNE 14, 2014
2. A Liberal State is a Secular State, Mainstream, Vol. LII NO 27, JUNE 28, 2014
3. Kabir Kala Manch, Mainstream, VOL LII No 51, December 13, 2014
4. Where is the Ghar to Return when it is Unjustly Occupied? Mainstream, VOL LIII, No 15, April 4, 2015
5. From Endless Growth to Degrowth, Social Action, VOL. 63 JANUARY – MARCH 2013, pages 1-18, Indian Social Institute, New Delhi
6. India’s Social Order and Freedom of Thought, Expression & Dissent, Social Action, January-March 2015, Volume 65, No. 1, p ages: 23 to 41, Indian Social Institute, New Delhi
7. Climate Change and Religions, Indian Currents, Vol. XXVI, Issue No. 28, 7th to 13th July 2014
8. Drinking the barrier Goes, Indian Currents, Vol. XXVI, Issue No. 19, 5th to 11th May 2014
9. Implications of Delhi Elections, Indian Currents, Volume XXVII, Issue 07, 16th February, 2015
10. Bans of Modiraj, Indian Currents, 17th to 23rd August 2015

➟ Newspapers
1. Can rapes be prevented by banning mobiles in campuses?, Deccan Herald, 17th July 2014
2. Why Isn’t there a debate on 4 year Degree Course in Bangalore University, Deccan Herald, 1st July 2014
3. Shocking ban, Deccan Herald, 30th September 2015
4. CBCS: Consult stakeholders, Deccan Herald 30 September 2015
5. Privatising higher learning disastrous, Deccan Herald, 22nd July 2015
6. Is UGC turning higher edu institutions into prisons?, Deccan Herald, 24th September 2015

➟ Contribution to Volumes in 2014
1. “Negotiating Barriers to Access in Higher Education” in Towards an Inclusive Higher Education in India, Proceedings of the National Conference, St. Claret College, Bengluru, pages 7 – 15
3. “Looking Beyond Parliamentary Democracies” in Towards a Politics of Change, Indian Social Institute, New Delhi 2014, pages 73 to 98
4. “Antonio Gramsci: Hegemony and People at the Margins” in Borders and Margins, edited by Dexter Maben. Christava Sahitya Samithi, Tiruvalla & United Theological College, Bangalore, 2015

Sri Subroto Dey, MSW, NET
1. A report on the stakeholders’ consultation in Bastar for a community based model in basic services, submitted to the Government of Chattisgarh in 2015 (Research Associate and head of the team of three)
2. A report on teachers education (ODL) for Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, 2014 (Research Assistant)
3. A study on ICT based education in Schools for MIT & TATA Trust, 2014

Fr. Vinoo Fabian, M. S. (Com.) (Pursuing Ph.D)
1. Communalism and Dissent at the Bababundangiri Shrine, Social Action, Vol.65, Jan-March 2015
2. Pinto Ambrose & Vinoo Fabian: Why Impose Choice Based Credit System? University News, Vol. 53 NO 23, JUNE 08, 2015
3. “Environmental Sustainability: The need of the hour” 1st Annual Business Research Conference 2015, Don Bosco Institute of Bio Sciences and Management Studies (pp 260-267) October, 2015.

Fr. John Mathew, M. Com. (NET)
“Awareness of Green Products among School Teachers”in Solutions to Ecological Challenges: Multidimensional Perspectives, Reflection Books,2014,pages 1 to 18
At the level of under-graduate studies we believe students should have the ability to identify a problem. Once the problem is identified they should be able to gather the informational resources needed to respond to the problem, find those resources efficiently, evaluate the gathered information for quality and relevance, and use the information effectively to address the problem. Students enter the college with experiences, information and the ability to think critically. We have been able to make use of these skills and help students develop problem solving with information skills. The BBA/BCA/BA/BSW students after providing guidance in class and assignment of a topic have done their

Carol Fortunata. D
Published a paper on “An insight into one Person Company” and “Impact of green marketing on consumer behaviour”

Published a paper on-“A study on Corporate Social Responsibility: Implementation and its Impact in relation to Companies Act 2013.” On 4th and 5th February.

Anitha Mary S
Research Work:
As part of M.Com Curriculum, submitted dissertation report on “Financial Health of Micro Small and Medium enterprises”- with Special reference to Textile Industry

Co- Authored a book on Cost and Management Accounts Insurance product penetration in rural areas- Presented in Loyola College, Chennai

V. Santhosh
Published a paper on “An insight into one Person Company”

S. Anita
(a) International Journal
• “A Prominent Solution to Test Academic and Scientific Integrity Using LSA”, Proceedings of International Journal of Inventive Engineering and Sciences (IJIES) ISSN: 2319–9598, Volume-1, Issue-4, March 2013

(b) International Conference
• “Combating Spamdexing in Web Search Engines”, Proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Trends in Mathematics and Computer Applications (ICET2010), Mepco Schleng Engineering College, Sivakasi, Virudhunagar, 16-18 Dec, 2010.

• “Design of Idiosyncratic Tool for Internet Plagiarism: A Solution to Test Academic and Scientific Integrity”, Proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Trends in Mathematics and Computer Applications (ICET2010), Mepco Schleng Engineering College, Sivakasi, Virudhunagar, 16-18 Dec, 2010.

• “A Novel Search Tool for Recruiters to Discover Profile of Candidates in Social Networks using Floor Model & UCINET”, Proceedings of International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMCS 2011), Layola College, Chennai, 07-08 Jan, 2011.

• “A Prominent Solution for Internet Plagiarism”, Proceedings of International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMCS 2011), Layola College, Chennai, 07-08 Jan, 2011.

(c) National Conference
• “A Survey on Accessing the Deep Web” National conference on Future Information Technology. R.V.S College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore, 07-10-2010.

• “A Robust Security Network “National Conference on Emerging Trends in Communication and Information Technology at Holy Cross College, Trichy, 6-01-2010 &7-01-2010.

• “Securing Digital Signatures” National Conference on Current Trends in Computing at Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore, on 3rd Mar 2009.

• “Performance Analysis of ARM Algorithms” National Seminar on Bio-Computing at Periyar University, Salem, on 7th Mar 2008.

(d) Workshop / FDP Attended
• “Certificate of participation in FDP on Introduction to C# & ADO.NET Programming” Sponsored by ICT Academy at A.M.C Engineering College, Bangalore, from 21st, July’ 2016 to 22nd, July’ 2016.

• “National Workshop on Latex and Scilab” at K.S.R College of Arts and Science, Tiruchengode, from 3rd, Dec’ 2010 to 5th, Dec’ 2010.

• “Recent Trends in Software Engineering” workshop at JKK Munirajah College of Technology, Erode, 28th Aug’ 2010.

• “Certificate in .NET Programming” FTP Sponsored by ICT Academy at K.S.R College of Technology, Tiruchengode, from 29th, May’ 2010 to 5th, Jun’ 2010.

• “Introduction to J2EE and Best Practices in Application Development” FTP Sponsored by ICT Academy at Periyar University, Salem, on 10th and 11th Nov 2009.

• “Qualnet” Workshop at K.S.R College Engineering, on 24th Mar 2009.

• “Advancements in Digital Signalling and Image Processing” National Seminar at K.S.R College Engineering, on 3rd Feb 2009.

• “Design and analysis of algorithm” Instructional course Sponsored by IARCS at K.S.R College of Arts and Sciences, on 18th and 19th Oct 2008.

C. Balakrishna
Pankaj Bisst ki katha Sathiya mae Samaj Shastriya Adhyayan

Chethan M.S
Topic -Co-relation between Motor Performances and Physiological variables of Inter University Hockey players

➟ Projects of BSW Students
1. Role of Religion in today’s society
2. Ideologies of major political parties
3. Juvenile Crimes
4. Women empowerment through Government Policies & Programmes
5. Welfare programmes for the Senior Citizens & Differently abled
6. Migration
7. “Initiative”, Annual Research Journal of the students of St. Aloysius Degree College, Vol. 01, No. 01: ‘Socio-Economic Survey of Pulikeshi Nagar Deepak, Janet, Jesu, Khushbu, Rabi & Tsultrim.

➟ Projects of Journalism Students
1. BBMP Election opinion poll – All the first & 2nd year Journalism students
2. Foot path vendors – Sanjay, Vino & Yogendra
3. Newspaper distributers – Steven, Nikitha & Yuvaraj
4. Beef Ban – Raghu, Albert & Mark
5. Government Hospitals – Chingrizon, Bhakarow & Sachin
6. Powrakarmikas –Srs. Deepthi, Evitta & Vani

➟ Projects of students of Political Science
Albert – II B.A. - 1] India and China Border Disputes 2] The Problems of Poverty in India 3] India’s Economic Development by 2025 4] Commercialisation of Medical Facilities in India

Balraj Stephen – II B. A. - 1] Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking: A case Study of Face Book 2] Social Problem in India: Corruption 3] Chinese Market is a Threat to Indian Market? 4] Human Right in India

Sister Evitta – II B. A. - 1] Cyber Security in India 2] Sino India Relations 3] Relevance of Gandhism in India 4] Reservation of Women in Politics would help the society 5] Skill India Mission Challenges and Opportunities 6] Democracy and its ideology

Gangadhar - II B. A. - 1] The growth of Indian Football 2] Corruption in Indian Cricket 3] Digital India Programme Challenges and Opportunities 4] Will Maggi Noodles really be banned in India? 5] Prevention of Corruption

Nikhita Y R - II B. A. - 1] The Downfall of Tamil Nadu C M Jayalalitha 2] The challenges and Opportunities from neighbouring countries of India 3] Disappearance of Lakes in Bangalore 4] The system of education in 21st century 5] Advantages and Disadvantages of Online education in India

Raghu. V – II B. A. - 1] The problem of Corruption India 2] Scrapping of planning commission 3] India and Pakistan Border Disputes 4] Impact of FDI on Indian Economy

Sachin Vinanth – II B. A. - 1] Issues of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant 2] The Cleaning of Ganges and its challenges 3] The Problems of Unemployment in India 4] The Farmer’s Suicide’s in India 5] Silk Route: Challenges and Opportunities

Vani N - II B. A. - 1] Role of State in the age of Globalisation 2] The Impact of Terrorism in India 3] Obamas Visit to India – Merits and Demerits 4] The Role of MNC in Indian Economy 5] Land Acquisition Bill Challenges and Opportunities

Yuvaraj H - II B. A. - 1] Bailing the Convicted Ministers? 2] The role of Indian Army during Natural calamities 3] Disaster Management a Case Study of Kashmir Flood 4] Should celebrities be welcomed in Politics?

Sister Deepthi - I B. A. - 1] Role of Pressure groups in India Politics 2] Land Acquisition settlement and rehabilitation Bill 2013

Sister Josphine - I B. A. - 1] Globalisation Nature and Scope 2] Greek Crisis: Impact on Indian Economy

Sister Sarojini - I B. A. - 1] Role of MNC and TNC in Indian Economy 2] Farmers Suicides in India

Mark - I B. A. - 1] Capital Punishment in India 2] The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites in India

Vino I B.A. - 1] Digital India Programme Challenges and opportunities 2] Goods and Service Tax Bill: Challenges and Opportunities

Yogendra - I B. A. - 1] Skill India Programme challenges and Opportunities 2] Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

Sanjay – I B. A. - 1] Communalism in Indian Politics 2] Loss of Greenery in Bangalore

Bakhrawbok - I B. A. - 1] Indian party system and Structure 2] Fisherman problems in Coastal Region

Milton I B. A. - 1] Role of Science and Technology in the Indian Administrative System. 2] Vyapam Scam

➟ Projects of BBM Students
• Ratio Analysis with reference to Aaditya Technology Private Limited – Abey Philip
• Non-Performing Assets with reference to Canara Bank – Chetan.c
• Comparative Analysis with reference to LIC – Jackson.B
• Bank Auditing with reference to ING Vysya – Sherwin
• Inventory Management with reference to Disha Engineering – Sunil Prakash
•Comparative Analysis with reference to Karnataka Power Corporation Limited – Syed Naser.
•A study on Comparative Balance sheet with reference to KK Steels Company – Umar Shariff.
• Fund Flow Analysis with reference to Titan – Vivian Thomas
• Cash Flow Analysis with reference to Lakshmi Hyundai –Thirumurthy.
• Financial Analysis with reference to Conquer Cooling Solutions –Anand.A
• Trend Analysis with reference to Samasta Micro Finance Ltd – Antony Bil Clinton.
• A study on Electronic fund Transfer with reference to Canara Bank– Ashley.A
• A study on Asset Management with reference to State Bank of India – Divya.
• A study on Financial performance with reference to Guardian Bank – Hemanth Kumar.
• A study on Financial Analysis using Comparative Balance Statement of Income with reference to Airstate Logistics and Couriers – Mohammed Saleem.
• A study on Budgetary Control with reference to MSIL – Kiran.S
• A study on Financial performancewith reference to Canara Bank – Mohan .B.V
• Cash Flow Analysis with reference to KK steel – Omar Farooq.
•Working Capital Management with reference to Rukmini Fabrications Pvt Ltd – Prem Kumar.
• Ratio Analysis with reference to Universal Company – Ravi Kumar.
• Technical Analysis on stock pricewith reference to Indian Info Line Finance Ltd – Sandeep. A
• Inventory Management with reference to Disha Engineering – Suryadharan.
•A study on Non-Performing Assetswith reference to United India Insurance Ltd – Sunil Vikash.
• Financial Analysis with reference to Jubilant Food Works Ltd –Vasant.S
• A Study on Trend Analysis with reference to A.D Arts – Vinod.S
• A study on Fund Flow Analysis with reference to HAL – Avinash .E
• Inventory Management with reference to BEML – Ajay.C
•A study on Common Size Balance Sheet with reference to Beautiful Signs – Arthur Gerard.
• Ratio Analysis with reference to Namdhari Private Limited – Karthick.S
• Cash Flow Analysis with reference to Dadsal Enterprises – Leon Shanthraj.
• A study on Assets and Liabilities with reference to State Bank of India – Ryan Joshua.
• A study on Fund Flow Analysis with reference to City Honda –Majeed Khan
• A study on Working Capital Management with reference to Specific Fabs Ltd – Maniganda Prashanth.
• A study on Comparative Balance Sheet Analysis with reference to SidhiVinayaka Apparel Ltd –Manjunath.S
• A study on Audit of Bankswith reference to Canara Bank – Nishanth.
• A study on Electronic fund Transfer with reference to State Bank of India – Prabhu.R
• A study on Trend Analysis with reference to HAL – Sunny Rupas.
• A study on Financial Performance with reference to ICICI Bank – Malcolm D’Silva.
• A study on Non-Performing Assets with reference to Canara Bank – Vinod Kumar.G

➟ Projects of BCA Students
1. Hospital Management System - Dilip & Praveen.J
2. Garment Inventory System - Naresh & Ravi.P
3. Vehicle Management systems - Prem, Silvin & Stephen.
4. Trust modeling in social tagging of multimedia content - Prem Kumar. PS
5. Geographical routing with location service - Arshad AmeenS.
6. Co-operative provable data possession - Ahamed Badhusha.
7. Multiparty Access control for social network - Kaushik.S
8. Authentication based on Iris recognition - Bharath Kumar S
9. Resource Management - Richard Vijay M
10. Unstructured peer to peer network topologies - SM Harin Kumar
11. Communication over wireless broadcast network - Macwan Akash
12. Organizing User search histories - Uma Rani K
13. Data Stream Blocking mechanism- A.Thilak
14. Encrypted Cloud data storage - Shekar NC
15. Online Karnataka Travel and Tourism - John Andrews.M
16. Employee payroll and Leave Management - Xavier L Nathan
17. Hotel Management System - Shekar, Shiva.G & Suchindra.V
18. Tekgyan Online Tutorials - Anil Kumar JT
19. Online Electronic Gadgets shopping - Stephen & Manoj Kumar
20. Bug Tracking Tools - Rama Krishnan
21. Jewellery Management System - Hindu Priya & Punitha.
22. Bangalore Metro Enquiry Systems John.M,Manoj & Yarab Pasha.A
23. V-Source - Paul Ebenezer
24. Knowledge Management System(BHEL) - Suchindra.V
25. Air Broadcasting - Punitha.P
26. Multiuser Face Detection and Recognition based attendance System - G.Shiva Kumar
27. Bug Tracking Application - Suvitha.P
28. Data Stream Blocking mechanism for Networks - Hindu Priya.B
29. Crime File Management Systems- Santosh P & Kiran Kumar
30. Travel Agency Management System Rajesh. C & Saud Imran.
31. Institute Management System- Kavitha, Peter Jackson
32. Offline Examiner - Goshik Pinto John
33. Plan my Trip - Pinto & John A
34. Online Super Market - Kiran Kumar and Santhosh P
35. Stock Management System - Saud Imran & Rajesh. C