➟ Vision
“To provide the students with a transformative educational experience, making them responsible and committed citizens of the nation.”

➟ Mission
•   To provide relevant knowledge through an effective teaching-learning process for professional competence.
•   To provide accessible and affordable education for all with a policy of preferential option for the poor so as to improve the quality of life for all students and their communities.
•   To nurture in the students human, moral, social and spiritual values to live in integrity and harmony.
•   To enable the students to meet global challenges with faith and develop self-confidence.
•   To expose the students to latest Information Communication Technology (ICT) and research.

➟ Our Motto
“Let Your Light Shine Forth”

➟ Our Core Values
We believe in compassion, restoring human dignity, integrity, respect for and acceptance of one another.

We believe in creating a supportive atmosphere in order to nurture mutual growth and prosperity.

We believe in continuous learning to inspire, innovate and excel with a proactive approach.

We believe in working together with various stakeholders for the educational, cultural and social development of our students through extension activities.

We believe in celebrating the diversity of the students and embracing the underlying unity and strength.

We want to be known as an institution that is making a difference to the lives of those who are studying here. Our mission is to inspire, broaden perspectives, pursue excellence, transform lives and celebrate achievements.